Danielle & Josh

The morning started sweetly on a crisp morning at the Jenkins Estate tucked away in Beaverton. Talk about a gem. The space was sprawling with little creeks and wooded areas, small bridges, lawn areas, and a stunning home to prepare the Bride.

We were so excited to take part in this day primarily because there was not a detail unthought of. Our favorite moments during the couples consultations was the adoration of the bits and pieces of the day that made it perfectly theirs. 

Josh was so thoughtful as he insisted his bride not lift a finger on her wedding day and that everything would go just as she hoped. As far a we could tell it did!

The couple looked striking. So elegant. Their decision to avoid a true first look and trade it for sweet time to chat before the ceremony made for such a tender moment.

The day went on beautifully with a perfectly attended ceremony and a gorgeous wedding party. 

There were so many sweet and touching moments throughout the rest of the night. It was such a pleasure to be able to join a perfect pair in their dreamy day.

We wish you all the best in this life together. May you enjoy the simple things and find the happiness of this days within one another for all the days to come. Xo.