Ali & Chris

What a wonderful pair. One of our favorite elements of being a part of weddings is the opportunity to see how the couple fits into their friend and family circles. Ali and Chris are the central point of joy, humor and responsibility to those around them.

Their friends and family had the beautiful opportunity to witness these two wonderful people agree to do life together, and the celebration was amazing.

The event was held at Oregon Heritage Farms, a family owned farm, that was perfectly set between apple orchards, a barn, and sprawling green acres. The setting made for breathtaking views and memories.

Ali and Chris' vows were held beyond the apple trees after the guests rode in behind a tractor in true farm style.

The couple curated a perfectly timeless event pieced together with warm touches to accent the best features of the pair.

Ali and Chris are set for a long beautiful future. Its rare to meet a couple that knows how to laugh together as well as them.

The evening had a contagious energy full of incriminating toasts, flip cup, dancing, and bottomless Mules.

Blessings to Ali in Chris as they put down their "Wild Roots."

XO. Will and Kim