Gus & Nicole II

A misty day, crisp air, and a magnetically beautiful couple. The day started perfectly with the best loving energy of fun story telling and joy between bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family surrounding them.

Nicole, a long time client of mine, has consistently been a bright light. Living a life of vibrancy and ambition. This girl is destined for incredible things and deserving of the greatest love.

Along comes Gus...the kindest man. This guy would lay down in traffic for her. His eyes for her are the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. The day continued with this love and respect and it was beautiful. Every moment and concern was captured with a loving reminder...”this is our day, let’s make it great!” And that they did.

Every moment was magic. The breeze, the mist, the sparkle in their eyes, the encouraging glimpse of a beautiful future.

The location made for incredible moments to allow their emotion and love to come to life. It was a beautiful day not to mention one of the best dance parties we’ve seen. We love you guys so much and wish the world of goodness your way. Xo.

Kim and Will