Alexandra & Joe

I recently had the pleasure of being a small part of a beautiful wedding at McMenamins Edgfield. If you haven’t had a chance to get out there, do it! This place is amazing. It has it all; hotel, spa, countless bars, and restaurants, a pitch and put golf course, and amazing concerts.

The couple, Alexandra and Joe, put together an perfect day! Alexandra got ready in a adorable room in the main building with her sister and her close friend. Every detail was polished and thoughtful, her dress, from The White Dress and flowers by Emerald Petals , helped showcase the elegant woman she is. Joe got ready with his brother and close friend in this beautiful old house called the administration house or “Ad house.”

Once the couple was ready I grabbed Joe and tucked him away for the first look. There is a quaint little garden just behind the Ad house that set the scene perfectly. Alexandra walked up behind him looking absolutely gorgeous. She tapped him on his shoulder and his face said it all.

After Joe had a few moments to catch his breath, I pulled the rest of the wedding party over to the garden area to get some group shots all together. With just a few of their closest friends/family there with them to help celebrate a wonderful day.

The wedding bells were ringing. They had a beautiful ceremony officiated by one of their friends. The best part was when Joe’s brother gave him his ring instead of Alexandra’s. When he put it on her finger he realized there was definitely something wrong here. Everyone erupted into laughter as they got the rings sorted out.

LLAMA TIME?! That’s right…Llama’s. No cocktail party is complete without them. Don’t forget your carrot kisses. If you’re even thinking about it don’t hesitate to call Classy Camelids to book them for your next whatever.

After everyone got some pictures, kisses and hugs with these beauties the couple got to go on a little private jaunt with them.

After they had gotten all the llama love the could handle, the llama trainers guided them away and the couple took a moment in the vines to reflect on the magic of the day. They were so overcome with joy. It’s times like these that we truly feel blessed to do what we do.

Dinner was served and this couple was toasted with absolute class. They are both east coasters so almost everyone, friends and family, had traveled quite a ways to celebrate this amazing couple. After first dances and the cake cutting (cake by Baker and Spice), it was time to get down, and this crew did just that with a lot of help from Stumptown DJ’s!

It had been super cloudy all day but just as the sun was setting the clouds started to break and Erika from Your Perfect Bridesmaid said, “You’re gonna get a sunset dude, you better hurry.” I grabbed the couple and managed to grab one last moment of magic with these two before my time was up.

Thank you Alexandra and Joe. Congratulations! To a beautiful future, full of love and happiness. 🥂